Photo (2)Annnnnnnnnd we’re back.

Specifically the boys are back from their summer in California.  I’ve been here (almost) the whole time.

They are playing football, with varying degrees of success, but are both enjoying it.  School starts next week so we have been finding out about teachers and gathering supplies (well, C has been gather supplies) and figuring out who has grown out of what clothes (they have both grown out of all of the clothes, it seems).

I’ve been doing this blog for almost two years.  Looking back at some of the things I’ve written I am struck by how little I knew and how much I still don’t know.  I can’t complain though, the last two years have been absolutely fantastic and I am so thankful that I’ve been able to experience them and to, occasionally, share them with an audience.  Time to get back to sharing.

Break’s over.


One thought on “Resuscitate

  1. Glad to have the Author and Statesman back with us. Wishing the boys success without too many bruises and aches and pain. How is C doing with her training? It’s a little different than Paris Island or Pendleton! Looking forward to the next Blog. Deacon Dan

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